Our Treatment Philosophy: Psychotherapy can be a powerful and transformative experience. A large body of research has shown the effectiveness of therapy in alleviating symptoms and improving one's quality of life. It is important to address not only the symptoms but the underlying cause of problems such as anxiety and depression.  By exploring deeper into the root cause which often includes one's childhood, a client can find long term success with feeling better versus temporary relief.  We believe that psychological healing occurs within the relationship between client and therapist, resulting in improvement of self esteem and relationships with others. Together, we will seek to explore and understand your life experiences with the goal of helping you experience your world in a new way.


Our Therapeutic Orientation: We would describe our orientation to doing therapy as humanistic, although we may use techniques from a variety of schools of thought, including cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, existential and Rogerian techniques, depending on a person's needs. There will often be recommendations for supplemental reading and homework to facilitate the recovery process.  Emotional well being and physical well being are closely interconnected so it is important to address both in an individual. Therefore, we believe that an approach which looks at the person as a whole is most beneficial in maximizing personal transformation.