Sacred Cove Counseling & Wellness is a center offering psychotherapy to help you cope with and grow through life’s challenges. Our mission is to support our clients in having more satisfying, peaceful and empowered lives by providing high quality mental health, personal growth, and consultative services. We utilize a variety of techniques to help you achieve balance and long-term health that will encompass the thoughts, feelings, and emotions as well as nutrition, physical health and the interpersonal relationships of an individual. The environment we have created is safe, respectful, professional, and confidential to allow you to share your experiences so you can work toward your goals.

We believe in a comprehensive healing approach.  Therefore, we incorporate a variety of tools such Reiki, Mindfulness Meditation and Visual Guided Imagery to improve overall well being.  Reiki is a Japanese technique for deep relaxation and stress reduction which can promote healing.  It uses a technique called Palm Healing and allows for a balancing of the body's energy.

Nutrition counseling is also utilized with some clients since what we eat dramatically impacts our moods.  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a specific type of therapy often used with clients who are emotional eaters. This technique enables a person to identify the triggers, thoughts behind triggers, habits, and then implement changes in behavior. People are often unsuccessful with weight loss in the long term unless therapy is utilized to uncover and change difficult patterns and thoughts that lie beneath the emotional eating.

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